For 50+ years Jamboree on the Air has been a fusion of Scouting and Ham Radio.

The Scouts, all of them, Boy, Girl, Brownie, Tiger, & Cub can be a part of JOTA.

The Scouts talk to other Scouts via Ham Radio. Over the past 28 years BSA13 has talked all over the world to other Scouts. We have worked over 25 countries, both talking and using morse code.

JOTA is always the 3rd. weekend of October and BSA13 will be there. Watch our Twitter updates for the times we will be on the air.

The station call sign we use is KE9JQ and we are usually on 20 meters.

If you need to find a "Ham" to help your Scout group, check out the ARRL home page. The ARRL can provide you with the names of Ham Clubs in your area. Many Hams would be willing to help set up your Scout group. We hope to hear you there!

If you have any questions e-mail BSA13.

JOTI Information

Jamboree on the Internet is now an official part of the Jamboree weekend !!! BSA13 is supporting JOTI by providing information about our group via the internet. On JOTA/JOTI weekend you can contact us at our JOTI address. We have Scouts & Scouters ready to communicate with units all over the world. We can also be found on IRCs including: #scouting, #joti, & #cybernet. Visit ScoutLink or the JOTI World Scout homepage for more information about JOTI.

JOTA Information for Hams:

JOTA begins at 00:01 local time on Saturday and closes down at 23:59 on Sunday.

Any Radio Amateur with an interest, but not necessarily active, in Scouting can help by having youth members and their leaders visit his/her station for any period during the weekend or by setting up a station at a local Scout location.

Before organizing a station, amateurs are strongly advised to satisfy themselves of the amount of interest within the local Scout groups. Also, please remember that the younger Scouts have a degree of distractability. The younger the Scout the shorter period of time that should be allotted for his Jamboree experience. BSA13 has a non-labeled US map for each Scout. They color in States on the map, one color for each station heard & one color for each station worked. We also hand out certificates to each Scout along with the KE9JQ QSL card.

It should be remembered that JOTA is NOT a contest. The intention is to establish contact with other Scouting stations, and have an opportunity to learn about Scouting elsewhere, as well as telling others about Scouting activities in your own region and group.

Radio Amateurs enter the event by calling "CQ Jamboree" or by answering other stations heard using this call. Any authorized amateur frequency and mode may be used. All Radio Amateurs must strictly observe their licence regulations.

More information can be found at the The World Scouting Organization.

Official World Scout Frequencies Band
SSB (Phone)
80 meter 3.740 MHz.* or 3.940 MHz
40 meter 7.090 MHz.* or 7.290 MHz
20 meter 14.290 MHz.
17 meter 18.140 MHz.
15 meter 21.360 MHz.
12 meter 24.960 MHz.
10 meter 28.390MHz.**
* Not authorized to transmit in the United States (Region 2); however, you may listen
** For United States, to allow novices to participate in JOTA on the phone

BSA13’s 50th JOTA QSL Card